Our staff is available for hire outside of our studio for you, your business, or your family. We have had the privilege of empowering communities in countless areas such as local restaurants, bars, community centers, chiropractic centers, etc.  If you, your family, or company would like any of our accomplished instructors to host workshops, contact us, and we will organize the rest!

The phrase, “Protect Your Peace” is more than just our motto, it also applies to our seminars.  Each seminar is designed to empower our community. Examples of our seminars include Women’s Self Defense, Family Self Defense, Battle Buddies, Bar Fight Protection, Active Shooter, Counter Abduction, and Home invasion. Descriptions of some of our most commonly requested courses are below.



This seminar helps citizens become better prepared to handle a situation where an individual or group enters their home or place of business using a firearm.  Our trainers educate participants on covers/shields, areas of escape, and techniques which could be used to disarm and control the assailant. We provide our clients an opportunity to develop a plan of how best to handle various life threatening situations if an attacker is armed but the defender is unarmed.  



Whether you're a team of law enforcement or security professionals, a fraternity/sorority, or a group of colleagues, this is a perfect seminar to not only build your team's trust in each other, but also enable them to feel more confident. Our top-notch instructors will go over Krav Maga basics, including strikes, kicks, and blocking techniques.   



In this interactive seminar you will learn basic and advanced strikes, chokes, controls, and off balancing techniques. In addition you will learn the mindset, strategies, and various tactics to help one another subdue, control, or escape an aggressive or violent altercation. This fun and interactive training is great for families, employee team-building, and groups of friends.