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In Tier 1 classes, we start from the ground up, teaching the “on switch” and learning basic Krav Maga stance, strikes, movements, and defenses against chokes, front attacks, and rear attacks.

Krav Maga Foundations: students learn the basics of footwork, striking and self-defense techniques. This program is modeled from level 1 and 2 traditional Krav Maga curriculums.

Centerline Foundations: students learn the basic footwork, striking, and covers from Centerline Krav Maga (designed by The Coalition's own DC Pacheco).

Tier 2 classes are for intermediate students.

Intermediate Krav Maga: After students pass their first assessment, with instructor permission, students are invited to take intermediate classes based upon level 3 techniques and higher.


Centerline Krav Maga/Grappling and Sparring: After students pass their first assessment, they qualify to train Centerline Krav Maga and participate in grappling and sparring classes.

Advanced Krav Maga & Centerline Krav Maga is for our most experienced students and instructors.

The focus is on advanced attacks and training against weapons.

Students are permitted to attend advanced classes by invitation only.