Self Defense

Here, you will learn how to defeat an attacker, NO MATTER THEIR SIZE. We ensure that what we teach is practical and relevant. We are ALWAYS IMPROVING strength, coordination, and flexibility.

THE COALITION NC BUILDS and develops the PROPER MINDSET necessary to fight back and SURVIVE a violent attack.

The foundation of our training comes from Krav Maga, an Israeli fighting system. But, there is so much more. We offer 3 programs under the SELF DEFENSE UMBRELLA, so you are ready to protect yourself in any self-defense scenario. Each self-defense system is led by an expert in the discipline.

Traditional Krav Maga

These classes are building blocks of techniques that clients master at their own pace. This system is for all body types, age, and genders. The underlying theme of Krav Maga is "get home safe!"

We start from the ground up, teaching the “on switch” because an attack is rarely foreseen. You will learn and build endurance to perform these techniques:

  • Basic Stance

  • Strikes

  • Movement

  • Choke Defenses

  • Front Attack Defenses

  • Rear Attack Defenses


There is emphasis on becoming comfortable with limited but safe contact with other students, as well as with challenging fitness games and conditioning.

Centerline Combat System

Clients can expect from Centerline Combat classes a tailored system designed for people of smaller stature, with stand up and ground fighting! This system will not be found at another studio.  DC is the owner and proprietor of this technique and offers it only to our members.

Centerline Combat also includes a raw yet ingenious blend of several forms of martial arts to comprise a no-holds-barred approach to self-defense.

There is an emphasis on safe contact with other students, as well as challenging conditioning to maintain fitness to employ learned techniques if the need arises.