Meet our Staff
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Meet Jaimie

  • Co-Owner

  • A Chapel Hill Native

  • Often accompanied by her partner in life, Nahla.

Meet DC

  • Co-Owner

  • Former Studios in Las Vegas, NV and Fort Worth, TX

  • No nonsense personality makes his classes intense

Meet Josh

  • Co Owner

  • Originally from New York

  • Is in fact a member of a real band

  • Crazy and Silly doesn't even begin to describe him, except in class. In class it's all business.


Advanced Instructor with over 18 years experience as a fitness trainer. Eli trained under and toured with Martial Arts Hall of Famed and Fitness Guru Billy Blanks, creator of TAEBO. He is also featured in multiple TAEBO fitness videos. Eli is an accomplished trainer and one of two certified Advance TÔSÔ-X Instructors in the U.S. He is a U.S. Army Veteran with over 20 years of service and is passionate about empowering and teaching people to live a healthy lifestyle.