Meet Rob

  • Started competing at boxing at age of 6

  • USA Boxing Certified Trainer/Coach/Ref/Judge

  • USA Boxing Record 154-17

  • Coach/Fought Muay Thai in Thailand for 5 years.

What you can expect from Boxing 101 is an all encompassing class on the basics of boxing. Boxing 101 is suitable for all skill levels, from novice to professional. During this class, we cover the proper stance, footwork, punches, defense, and more. This also includes techniques on staying relaxed, combinations, defense, and reach/range all with an emphasis on speed. There are separate classes for kids and adults. Boxing 101 is required before Advance Striking classes.


What you can expect from Advance Striking is a focus on throwing hard, fast strikes with the intent of ending a confrontation. This will be a combination of Boxing, Muay Thai, and Freestyle striking including knees, elbows, fists, and leg kicks with the emphasis on using speed to achieve power.  

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Meet Hannah

  • Kravist with 6 years of experience

  • Great at breaking down the traditional Krav Maga moves to a level children understand

  • Promotes kids to be a positive influence and role model to peers 

  • Knows how to make learning and training FUN for kids!

Meet Kaley

  • Kravist with several years of experience.

  • Brings a fitness aspect.

  • Very personable and expresses the ability to meet students where they are.

  • Welcoming to the most novice student.

Krav Fit

What you can expect from Krav Fit classes is a set of fitness exercises that help you master your self-defense goals. This system is for any body type, race, age, or gender. 


We start with stretch and warm up to get your heart pumping. Then, continue on with kinesthetic exercises. You will learn and build endurance by techniques like:






Here, you work up a great sweat, build up your endurance, flexibility and mobility.