Welcome to the Coalition! We teach practical, instinctive self-defense with the overarching goals of helping improve our students’ overall health and protect our communities.


The foundation of our training comes from Krav Maga, an Israeli fighting system—but that’s only the beginning. We offer multiple programs under the self-defense umbrella, and all the techniques we teach are practical and relevant, helping you learn how to defeat an attacker no matter their size. Physically, we’re always helping you improve your strength, coordination, and flexibility, and mentally, we help develop the mindset necessary to fight back and survive a violent attack.


We hold most classes in our fully equipped studio, with new mats, quality training equipment, and bathrooms with lockers and shower stalls. This is a safe, fun space—we’re all here to train hard and push ourselves, but we also recognize the importance of remaining mindful of control, health, and overall well-being. We welcome all individuals striving for personal, physical, and mental growth and seeking a healthier community, no matter your age, gender, race, or body type.

We also regularly offer community workshops in women’s self-defense, active shooter training, and healthy living and nutrition. We believe in community over competition, collaborating with local fitness and nutritional experts in these workshops to keep our community motivated, informed, and inspired!


An Israeli fighting system incorporating ground and stand-up fighting—we teach level 1 and mixed level classes.

Krav Maga

Group lessons or one-on-one with one of The Coalition's top instructors! Fitness & self-defense training available.


Group fitness class that combines martial arts techniques with fast-paced cardio. This high-energy workout challenges the beginner and elite athlete alike.


Designed to build strength & endurance. It incorporates circuit training, core training, and cardio.

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Train with Matthew Alegre & challenge yourself physically and mentally by getting up and flowing against the mindless day-to-day that holds you back.

Vinyasa Yoga

Use natural body movements to increase flexibility, strength, joint health, and overall mobility.


Specialized workshops and seminars including Women's Self Defense, Active Shooter Workshops, and police/security training.

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