Jaimie Lee – DC Pacheco -  Joshua M. Townsend

Kaley Vanalstyne – Hannah Richards – Stephen Terway

Ricky Isom – Taynov El – Sydney Baker



TCNC benefits all clients through diverse and ever-evolving training. Membership includes access to:

  • TRADITIONAL KRAV MAGA –  Led by Jaimie Lee, an individual so dedicated to this discipline, she went to Israel to STUDY AT WINGATE INSTITUTE.

  • CENTERLINE COMBAT SYSTEMS – Led by the FOUNDER OF THE SYSTEM, DC Pacheco. There is NO OTHER PLACE ON EARTH to get this training.

  • WARRIOR YOGA – Led by Joshua M. Townsend, an expert in the field of physical and mental restoration.

  • FITNESS CLASSES – Krav Fit – Taught by the entire TCNC team

  • YOUTH SELF DEFENSE – Coalition Kids

The Coalition NC (TCNC) is a team of skilled and certified trainers dedicated to empowering all ages through fitness and self-defense training. The foundation of our training comes from Krav Maga, an Israeli fighting system. Our mission is to reduce health disparities by improving the physical, mental and spiritual health of participants of all ages, background and abilities; our motivation is to achieve better health outcomes and to protect the peace in our communities. TCNC is also committed to and practices inclusion, equity and diversity.

Our core values are STRENGTH, HONOR, and RESPECT for ourselves and one another. Classes are held in a fully equipped studio with a warm and friendly environment; referred to as The Training Grounds, our studio has new mats, quality training equipment, and bathrooms with lockers and shower stalls! We provide a safe space with careful attention given to the overall well-being of all participants.

SAFETY FIRST is TCNC’s mantra, and everyone has fun while learning practical and instinctive self-defense tactics. Beginning, intermediate and advanced classes are offered Monday through Saturday. NO EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY to train with us.  

Off-site workshops are also offered in women’s self-defense, active shooter training and information sessions that focus on nutrition and healthy living.