Our  fitness classes help our clients stay in shape, increase  flexibility/mobility. Our ultimate objective is to help with long term health and restoration.


Krav Fit:

Led by the entire team of athleticism and fitness experts who know how to make hard work fun for novice and seasoned clients.

Warrior Yoga:

Lead by Joshua M. Townsend, an expert in the field of physical and mental restoration. 

Warrior yoga

Warrior Yoga class is a unique experience that heightens the mind-body relationship to give clients well-rounded training. Warrior yoga is not just yoga, it is a comprehensive program designed to increase flexibility and mobility. It provides a very focused, endurance building approach to self-defense.


Areas of focus include:


  • CORE





Stay tuned for workshops in these areas also.

Krav Fit

Krav Fit classes are a set of fitness exercises designed to help master self-defense goals. This system is for all clients regardless of body type, age, or gender.

Each class begins with stretching and warm ups to get the heart pumping. Kinesthetic exercises follow.

Clients learn and build endurance through techniques such as:






Clients will work up a sweat as they build endurance, flexibility and mobility.

闘争 – TÔSÔ

Traditional martial arts meets the modern fitness world . The spiritual and physical strength of martial arts and various martial arts schools merges with cardio and functional elements to a sweaty and innovative experience.

闘争 – TÔSÔ – fight

“TOSO” is the Japanese word for fight. The “X” is personal to the individual. The “X” for some may represent a few extra pounds, stress, or even low self-esteem. We all have “X” challenges in our lives.  TOSO-X was designed to help people face and conquer those challenges by combining the time tested principles of martial arts and modern functional training, led by experienced trainers that are among the best in the fitness industry.

Coming Soon: